Increase our collective community impact through meaningful engagements with communities throughout Los Angeles


Actively and continuously improve equity, diversity, and inclusion at all levels of our organizations and in our investment decisions


Hold ourselves accountable by measuring and transparently reporting on our progress and impact on these outcomes

Community Engagement

How We’ll Engage

Technology, at its most fundamental level, is a tool to help people solve problems. Through meaningful partnerships with community partners, we bring tech leaders together to help lift the city of Los Angeles and address issues that impact us all. The benefits of this work are multi-faceted; research affirms that companies who give back to their communities improve workplace culture, increase public good will, and experience greater profits.

We also know that cities thrive when companies and communities work together. PledgeLA builds relationships between members and local organizations to foster mentorship, volunteering, board service and collaborative problem solving, and financial support. As the culture and contribution of LA’s tech community solidifies, PledgeLA seeks to set a new precedent for how tech engages and supports local communities.

As as tech leaders, PledgeLA members recognize the impact of innovation on our shared future. As a result, many members work with organizations focused on expanding access to technology, building a diverse pipeline of tech leaders, and equitably connecting of all corners of the Greater Los Angeles region to the sector. Participation in PledgeLA gives the tech community in Los Angeles an opportunity to lead in solving some of the industry’s greatest challenges – and to rewrite the narrative of the tech industry’s impact on communities and neighborhoods.

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