Increase our collective community impact through meaningful engagements with communities throughout Los Angeles
Actively and continuously improve equity, diversity, and inclusion at all levels of our organizations and in our investment decisions
Hold ourselves accountable by measuring and transparently reporting on our progress and impact on these outcomes


What We’ll Track

PledgeLA members commit to measuring progress of community engagement, diversity, and inclusion. As part of this initiative, we will hold ourselves accountable to analyzing, reporting, and improving the following metrics:


Community Engagement

  • Participation in mentoring (to entrepreneurs, students, women, and/or under-represented groups)
  • Participation in volunteering (with local educational institutions, nonprofits, incubators, and/or social enterprises)
  • Board service
  • Charitable donations given (to local educational institutions, nonprofits, incubators, and/or social enterprises)
  • Offering Internship programs
  • Using a local bank
  • Providing community engagement opportunities and/or paid time off for employee community engagement
  • Giving preference to vendors owned by women or other underrepresented groups
  • Designating a portion of annual budget to local impact
  • Advising portfolio companies on maximizing local community engagement
  • Investing in Los Angeles start-ups (in dollars and percentage of assets)

Personal Demographics

  • Demographics of Employee & Portfolio Companies:

    • Race/Ethnicity
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Sexual orientation
    • Disability status
    • Immigration status
    • Veteran status
    • Educational attainment
    • College(s) attended
    • Socioeconomic origin
    • Job title
    • Tenure at firm
    • Salary, bonuses, promotions, and benefits

  • Code of conduct and/or mission statement on diversity and inclusion
  • Advising portfolio companies on fostering workplace diversity and inclusion

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